Tram specializes in offering tailor-made solutions in engineering that involves civil works, telecoms and electrical works. We have done FTTB, FTTH, FFTX, signal cables trenching and laying, house building, paving, splicing and renovations. Try us for the best service delivery


Paving for your driveways, be it your homes, offices or shopping complexes we are the people to call. We provide labor and or material as per your request. Call us for a quote today!!!


Trenching for all your water, electricity, FTTH and telecoms. We trench straight and neat trenches that are easy to reinstate and maintain. Our trenches do not fall in and open and close same day. Call us for professional trenching 


We are the reinstatement kings, we ensure to leave your place as we found it or better. Try us for your grass, paving, tar and concrete slabs reinstating.


Splicing for all your FTTX projects is a walk in the park for us. From your unit termination, dome joints, buddy boxes, optic boxes and cabinets we are the team for the job. With splicing that is comparable to none and labeling that is consistent with Client’s demands you can never find a team as strong as ours.¬†


House construction is our game, let us wow your imagination with our top notch design and quality implementation. Using only the finest materials and most skilled workmen we deliver on our promise of quality service.


Looking for a home and not a house?, we got you covered as well. We finish your house to give it that perfect touch to call it a home.